Why didn’t I suggest we ordered pizza?

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Things have been super busy around here this past week, and we had an even busier weekend. My dear friends Enrico and Elena came over to visit, and we had a wonderful time. The only catch was that we’re not used to sleep devprivation anymore, and sleep is something we saw very little of. At least we’re getting a little taste of what will come in May with the arrival of Santiago in our lives.

Anyway, last night I was exhausted but happy to prepare a nice Lebanese feast for my friends. We had a delicious dinner, and we loved being together like the old times, talking till late. Till very late.



Things I’ll do soon

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when I feel better, when I have less translating to do, and when I have more energy. Right now gestation has taken its toll on my body, I feel heavy and tired all the time, and it’s been very hard for me to concentrate.

Here’s a list I hope I remember to come back to the day I have some energy and time on my hands:

  • I want to sew a perfect purse – tote bag I can use for my wallet-keys-telefone AND to put the groceries I buy in town. I have renounced a long time ago to plastic bags, so when I hit the bakery or the butcher’s I end up putting the goodies in Damiano’s stroller and then I have to juggle with them on the way upstairs.
  • I want to make ricotta gnocchi, I love them and they’re so easy to make, and I never think of them when I’m squeezing my brains for dinner ideas.
  • I want to redecorate our studio- guestroom, because I’m not sold on the color palette I chose initially. I would like to change for a more subtle color combo but the idea of having to make new curtains and a new slipcover for the daybed is daunting. (I’m thinking coral orange, hot pink and pale yellow… )
  • I want to make fabric panels for Damiano’s closet. I have an idea of how to tackle that and hopefully I’ll post a how-to soon.
  • I need to sort Damiano’s clothes by size and get them ready for Santiago. I’ve got all the stuff we need for the little baby and I have to make sure everything is clean and at hand.
  • I want to compile a nice itinerary for our trip to London next month. We won’t have so much time and want to make the most of it. Some things are for sure: one evening dinner at Nobu and get a Ninky Nonk for Damiano, maybe a Makka Pakka, too. We’ll be probably limiting our museum wanderings to the Tate Modern, since I’ll be too pregnant to walk much. My friend Katie took our Lonely Planet guide and she’s going to post-it with her suggestions and advice.
  • At a flea market the other day I picked up a horrendous decorating book from the eighties and is full of blog-material. I need to scan it. Stay posted.

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Random things

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This week was pretty busy so time just flew and oh my it’s friday already.

Damiano got accepted into the German kindergarten and will be starting on September. Yes, my little lovely sweet baby is going to kindergarten. The next time I’ll look he’l be married with children.

He got accepted, and that means that I need to be grasping the local dialect pretty soon so I can interact with the other mums. That will be hilarious.

Also, this week my belly grew like hell and I go a hug stretch mark. I’m thinking on getting a tattoo next to it with Santiago’s name. It’s all about blaming it on someone.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and my amazing (yet grammar-less) husband is taking me out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants. He wanted to surprise me but then felt that he shoud ask me if it was ok to go out to dinner with my little heartburn problem and if maybe lunch wasn’t a better idea. It was very sweet nonetheless and we’re totally going to dinner because there’s no such thing as a romantic lunch. Is there?

I’ve been busy working on translations and I’m quite happy I’ll have some cash of my own to squander while in London.

Next week my best friend in this world and his fiancée will come to visit and I’m really looking forward to it, especially since we live in the middle of fucking nowhere and it’s pretty reassuring to see someone from the city, oh the mirrors they bring!

Also, I feel like baking. I’ve felt like baking all week but haven’t had the energy or the time, but next week I’ll definitely bake a couple of cakes and tarts, and also cookies or brownies. Or a sacher torte? I just need a good excuse.

I’m reading a great book. It’s just what I needed. And my son. And my husband.

ok for now.

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I had it.

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For all of you who come to this page googling the following things:

  • baby has a hickup
  • baby yellow poop
  • baby burped
  • baby sticks out tongue
  • baby stares at his hand
  • baby stares at his foot
  • baby soft poop
  • baby green poop
  • baby push poop
  • baby farts
  • baby yellow urine
  • baby cries uncontrollably
  • baby won’t stop crying
  • baby doesn’t sleep
  • baby doesn’t eat
  • baby doesn’t poop

and the list continues, but my point is, you people googling this things: your baby is normal. Give her a fucking break.

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The emptiness of shopping

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Just a quick version of my infamous column today, because if I had 400 euros to throw away I’d definitely go for this beauty, which I incidentally need for my sewing corner. Since I don’t have money to throw away, let me just drool a bit.


It is the Giotto stool by Zanotta, and can be bought here.

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I guess it’s too late now to go back to sleep. Michele will be up in 30 minutes, and Damiano will follow in an hour. Today I broke my vow not to eat at night during this pregnancy, because I don’t want to gain an overpowering amount of weight, but holy shit what was I supposed to do, rolling in my bed for 45 minutes trying to catch some sleep with a baby moving like crazy in my womb and my stomach making a total fuss about it?

Santiago is due in 3 months, and I’m a little worried. I dread that a day will come when I’ll be so huge I will not be able to move, that I’ll get hemorrhoids, that I’ll need another cesarean, that I will disregard Damiano, that I’ll get post-partum depression again. I’d take the hemorrhoids any fucking time. And a varicose vagina, too.

Anyway, everything is looking pretty fine inside me. Santiago is growing, even maybe a tad too much (which makes me worry he’ll become an enormous baby and beat the shit out of Damiano…. because of course, I needed something else to worry about), he’s moving a lot and he is very very good looking.

Oh, speaking of good looking:


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Skills that can save your life, or an afternoon.

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I babysat just once in my life, and it wasn’t good. It was twice really but since we’re talking about the same family, it counts as once. It was really 30 days total, but I’ll count it as once because in my memory, those two consecutive Christmas holidays are blended into one single event. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about that right now, other than say the experience with a dysfunctional family helped me as much as it anguished me. I knew exactly back then how I didn’t want my eventual family to be. I wanted to be present, to love my children and make sure they were well aware of it , and to never lock them in the bathroom, no matter how loud they were. After the second time, I vowed that I would never babysit again. At least until I didn’t feel self-assured enough to teach a woman twice my age how to be a mother. And that hasn’t happened yet.

However, my experience the other day with my friend’s daughter washed away all of my heartache. I had to deal with a child. Not with memories of my own unhappy early years. It was refreshing.

All this is just to say that for once I was very happy to know how to bake a cake.


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I’m on ReadyMade!!!

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Go buy the February-March 2009 issue of ReadyMade Magazine!!

Damiano and I are on page 24!!!! Here’s a little peek.