Why didn’t I suggest we ordered pizza?

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Things have been super busy around here this past week, and we had an even busier weekend. My dear friends Enrico and Elena came over to visit, and we had a wonderful time. The only catch was that we’re not used to sleep devprivation anymore, and sleep is something we saw very little of. At […]

Things I’ll do soon

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when I feel better, when I have less translating to do, and when I have more energy. Right now gestation has taken its toll on my body, I feel heavy and tired all the time, and it’s been very hard for me to concentrate. Here’s a list I hope I remember to come back to […]

Random things

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This week was pretty busy so time just flew and oh my it’s friday already. Damiano got accepted into the German kindergarten and will be starting on September. Yes, my little lovely sweet baby is going to kindergarten. The next time I’ll look he’l be married with children. He got accepted, and that means that […]


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I had it.

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For all of you who come to this page googling the following things: baby has a hickup baby yellow poop baby burped baby sticks out tongue baby stares at his hand baby stares at his foot baby soft poop baby green poop baby push poop baby farts baby yellow urine baby cries uncontrollably baby won’t […]

The emptiness of shopping

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Just a quick version of my infamous column today, because if I had 400 euros to throw away I’d definitely go for this beauty, which I incidentally need for my sewing corner. Since I don’t have money to throw away, let me just drool a bit. It is the Giotto stool by Zanotta, and can […]


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I guess it’s too late now to go back to sleep. Michele will be up in 30 minutes, and Damiano will follow in an hour. Today I broke my vow not to eat at night during this pregnancy, because I don’t want to gain an overpowering amount of weight, but holy shit what was I […]

Skills that can save your life, or an afternoon.

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I babysat just once in my life, and it wasn’t good. It was twice really but since we’re talking about the same family, it counts as once. It was really 30 days total, but I’ll count it as once because in my memory, those two consecutive Christmas holidays are blended into one single event. Anyway, […]

I’m on ReadyMade!!!

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Hurryyyyy!!! Go buy the February-March 2009 issue of ReadyMade Magazine!! Damiano and I are on page 24!!!! Here’s a little peek.