two chubsters and a baby

Posted by on Apr 28, 2009 in friends, images, my sons are smarter than me | 3 Comments

she’s chubby because she’s a healthy one year old. me? well.. Today marked my 39th week of pregnancy, so theoretically I have one more to go. I haven’t felt any signs yet, besides some contractions here and there and I’m psychologically ready to stay pregnant for  3 more weeks. Hey at least I’m getting full […]

Random things.

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I’m still pregnant. YAY! (please sense the sarcasm). I’m seriously considering planting that apple tree Katie gave us, you know, to induce labor. I’m just too chicken shit. Anyway, I have theoretically 10 more days to go and I’ll resist, even if the fucking heartburn hasn’t subsided, even if I’m all fat and swollen and […]

A well-read chap

Damiano has a very nice collection of books, which were usually scattered around the house undermining my attempts of tidiness and never there when I wanted to sit down and try to keep him still for more than 30 seconds in order to read him something. Well finally I put an end to that anarchy. […]

The joy of sticking together.

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I’ve been wanting to blog for several days now but I’m usually fried by the time I have the time to do so. Damiano has been reacting to spring and his energy levels are inversely proportional to mine. Lucky for me, the weather has been lovely so we’ve spent long hours in the playground going […]