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All thanks to a chilled out baby.

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And I should say, thanks to a husband that keeps the toddler out of the house all day long. And thanks to Saturdays without rain. And thanks to inexpensive IKEA fabrics.

Today I woke up and decided I had to sew something. There are a few things I’ve been wanting to make but I don’t (didn’t) have much confidence with patterns, and am (was) scared to fuck up, basically.  So, while hubby and Damiano were taking the trash to the recycling center, I unearthed a pattern (Burda 9750) I had bought ages ago and started making it. After lunch, everyone decided to take long naps, so I managed to finish it. YAY!

I learned many things in the process.

  • Making an easy dress for a girl is faster than making a whole doll, but it is much less forgiving.
  • Reading the pattern instructions before getting started is a better idea than getting started and read them along the way. But this also works. Kind of.
  • Making your own bias tape is easy.
  • A sewing machine that sews automatic buttonholes rocks.
  • Each of the steps in the instructions is there for a reason.
  • Monkeys and alligators look wonderful on a girl’s dress.
  • When a step isn’t clear, skip it.
  • When in doubt, common sense will do.
  • When common sense isn’t enough, the fabric was really cheap anyway.
  • Following a “Very Easy” pattern is indeed very easy.

I hope the dress isn’t too small for Norah and in case it fits I’ll post a photo of her in it.

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Just for the record

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Here’s a hoto of Damiano two years ago. Yep. It is not Santiago. This just proves that they stem from the same pool of gorgeous genes.


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a lovely weight loss device

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also, pooping machine, hiccup generator, cooing provoker.

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my boys

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One month

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Hi there everyone! First of all, thanks for all the emails and comments, and SORRY for not answering. I will answer I promise, I just have been so busy and exhausted. When the time comes that both fellas are tucked away, I’m too pooped to do pretty much anything.

Today Santiago turned ONE MONTH OLD. Though he looks like a three month old baby, he’s gained a lot of weight and I’m so happy breastfeeding works this time around but I think that’s what has been eroding my brain. I’m getting to know my son a little better: he likes kangaroo therapy and he hates a dirty diaper.

The following weeks will be a bit hellish because the playgroup just closed for the summer, so there goes my morning refuge from Damiano’s inexhaustible energy. Please bear with me.



mother and sons.

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(click for larger version)

We killed some time this morning taking photos and making silly faces. Damiano is starting to like his little brother a bit more and I’m starting to figure out how to be happier while chaos revolves around me. I’m also starting to believe the four of us will survive this whole adventure.

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Looks like a smile to me

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