brain stitches

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Today I spent 3 hours in the car, practically all by myself, since Santiago seems to sleep comfortably and a lot with the sound of a good old Opel Astra. I could do nothing but brood over life, and so I did. I was in a crappy mood and I found it hard not to […]

the shirt.

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A while ago, more than a year ago to be honest, I bought this pattern: and I finally overcame the fear and got around doing it. I tried view C, but the sleeves went awry so I just improvised. For being my first “”creation”” I’m very satisfied. I used a beautiful linen and a lovely […]


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I love this one.

Mr. Cheeks first quarter.

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Santiago turned three months old today. What’s not to love about this little fellow? He’s all eyelashes and cheeks and funny pouts. He laughs a lot, sleeps a lot, weighs a lot. We can’t wait till he’s old enough to play with Damiano and at the same time wish he stayed forever that cuddly little […]

we love books. and drills.

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A while ago I had mounted a little shelf on Damiano’s room to keep all his books in one place and encourage him to pick them up and get excited about them. Problem was that he had too many books and they kept falling off said shelf. Also, the shelf was taking up space in […]

men of the house

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I’m enjoying this summer much, even if we’re just staying home and doing nothing special, I’m loving it. I’m enjoying cuddling my baby and witnessing how he changes everyday. Damiano is also growing fast, becoming a big bright bold boy (take that, alliteration). He’s simply amazing to watch, he’s never still. There’s always something worth […]

I shaved his head, but he’s still strong as hell.

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That ball was filled with lead beads.

here it is, your moment of nerd.

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Today Zuc & Ale came over for lunch and to lure my hubby into working for them on his spare time, yeah right: the man’s got a family you nutheads. Anyway, we had a very nice day and this is what the living room looked like after lunch. God bless WiFi.

My son the pope.

or at least, this hat reminds me of the one the pope wears sometimes, which I’m sure has a name, but anyway. I just wanted to be irreverent like that. Oh and while I’m at it: this is me as a baby: I think we can safely call it a tie between Mr & Mrs […]

Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged a book review, I think the last one was back in January 2007 days before Damiano was born. Partly because I haven’t read half as much as I used to, partly because I hadn’t read anything review-worthy. Today I finished reading the two thousand one hundred pages of […]