quite a lineup

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I nice present from my aunt Laila in the mail this morning: a photo of my brother’s christening. My grandpa, my daddy, my mother, my aunt and my brother. I can also see my mamamami in the background. It made me smile. I’n not quite sure but perhaps I’m in the photo too? In my […]

not a love letter

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This is what you get when you forget 2 wet cloth nappies in the pail for 6+ months and your cleaning lady finds them. Lucky for me, my husband is not squeamish.

Random things

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well well well of course I’ve been forsaking my blog lately and have very good excuses, for instance lots to do. That’s true, when I had to run after Damiano all day long, all I could do was idle away those few moments of freedom I had. Now with more consistent chunks of the day […]

lucky he can actually do that

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…for someone like me who’s always saying impertinent shit…


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Nothing nicer than passing out after a good swig of mummy’s milk.

4 months and other milestones

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Soooooo, today my roly-poly turned 4 months old, and he’s just as chubby and soft and smiley and lovely as he was a month ago. The only thing that’s changed is that now he flips over and sings aAAAaaAAaAaAAAaaaAAaaAAAaaaAAAA. Also, he’s a little bit more interactive so Damiano likes him more and more. And Santiago […]

Santiago overload

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If you had a baby like this you’d be neglectig your blog, too.

Summer adventures

Eating raspberry popsicles in the front garden. Making pizza with Daddy, and loving the raw dough, like Daddy. Mowing the lawn with Stefan. Posing with baby brother for Mommy’s photos. Going for hikes and sleeping in the craxer. The Schlern, very awesome indeed.