Swap booty!!!

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you’re never going to believe this. My friend Katie calls me this morning: “do you know there’s a package addressed to you at our house?”… the postman used to be the manager at our local super market, Despar, and we call it despair because that is what it is, and this now-postman is to blame […]


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How cool is my husband? no really. This was my birthday breakfast. The bounty was good, too! I got a new power adapter for my macbook, a subscription to Ottobre design, a lovely ralli quilt bunny, a dvd and some nourishment for my bank account.  oh and sushi.

Oh dear!

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I’m writing this just now because my falling ill with chickenpox coincided with my computer going bust, and today my computer resuscitated and I’m also feeling much better, thank you. I will spare you of what I looked like during the peak of the disease. I couldn’t bear looking at myself and there’s no evidence. […]

One-worded scoop

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via Alexis 1. Where is your mobile phone? lost 2. Your hair? tumbleweed 3. Your mother? far 4. Your father? bohemian 5. Your favourite food? food 6. Your dream last night? crazy 7. Your favourite drink? G&T 8. Your dream/goal? understanding 9. What room are you in? livingroom 10. Your hobby? sewing 11. Your fear? […]

truths and myths of the chicken pox

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1.It’s stronger if you catch it from a family member TRUTH Damiano’s was very mild (now I know) and he got it from a motherfucking little twat child in kindergarten. and: 2. Babies get it very mild MYTH Santiago has 4 times more sores and blisters than Damiano had, and twice as much discomfort. 3. […]

before and after, sort of.

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Yesterday this was the state of our living room. If you look closely, you can see that one of the sectional’s cushions has no cover, and the one that still has it is beige as opposed to the original color of the sofa which was ivory. That is was dirt. What you cannot possibly see […]

ties 2.0

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You were still alive, in my dream. But I knew that you were to die soon, and I begged you not to leave me. I was angry because I knew that you would leave me anyway, but still I cried and I begged. With you all my ties were severed. The ties that kept me […]