Closed for Travels

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We’re heading to Mexico today, and we’ll be spending a week in El Paso visiting our friends there, and then a week in Acapulco, tanking up with sun and delicious food. In all we’ll be taking 8 flights, with 2 children, 2 children’s car seats, 2 huge suitcases (for all the shopping and all), and […]

oh yeah…

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Merry Christmas everyone!

early christmas

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Look what I got in the mail yesterday! Alexis sent me this wonderful package from NY! I’m loving the magazines, although a teething miserable baby is preventing me from devouring them. Thank you very much A. you made my day!

Our (slightly macabre) gingerbread house. Part 3.

It all started off quite well. Pizza and beer. Lots of candy and icing, too. On your marks…. The whole task proved a bit overwhelming, especially for my perfectionist tendencies. The competition was clearly in the lead… The gingerbread men got nervous… and it all went downhill from there. Gunshots were involved. Some succumbed to […]

this year’s tree

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pretty much like last year’s, but oh well.

Gingerbread house part 2. Assembly

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UPDATE: (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FINISHED HOUSE! TOO COOL!!!!) UPDATE 2: (CLICK HERE TO SEE A WHOLE GINGERBREAD TOWN!!!!) I went with caramel, eyeballed caramel: around one cup of sugar, the juice of half a lemon, a little bit of water I’d say less than 1/4 cup. It worked great, but it was a […]

lucky tots

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The ones on the left are for Santiago, the rest are for Damiano. Santiago is getting a plush donkey with music box, a tractor which is a gift from my mom, and a Muji puzzle. The chocolate santa and coins will be in his stocking but he will not be seeing any of it. Damiano […]

Gingerbread house part 1.

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Today I finally baked the gingerbread house! Long are the days when I could tackle a project peacefully, taking my time. I prepared the dough in the morning while Santiago napped and Damiano was in preschool, baked it when Damiano napped and Michele could play with Santiago. The project will come in three posts: the […]


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My two sons have graced me with the two most dissimilar motherhood experiences. (I loved this essay from Cristin, because it echoes my own feelings towards D. and S. and her writing is excellent.) The most evident difference between my boys is of course, their size. And with that, their attitude towards eating. Damiano made […]

a good sunday

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Today was a fine day. After 6 weeks of stay with us, our au-pair Alejandra left us and we said goodbye with a Pantagruelian lunch of fondue bourguignonne, amazing roast potatoes*, a myriad of sauces and salads. We also had tarte tatin for dessert, and then I had to drive Alejandra to the train station. […]