So this is more or less what we did.

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We were crazy enough to travel overseas with a three-year old and an 8 month old baby. That’s what we did. Also, we were crazy enough to let our three-year old be the photographer in charge of the whole experience, hence our lack of photos.

Anyway, here are some:


We arrived to Mexico after a very easy, albeit long journey. And we arrived with a boy and a BABY. See? Here he’s trying to do a push up.


He made friends right away. The basset hound was his first kiss.


This little boy here was a star of patience and good behaviour. Though he NEVER stood still. He enjoyed himself and especially sleeping in the same bed with daddy.


We also went to El Paso. It took us 5 fucking hours to cross the border, because we landed in Juarez and then crossed by car. It was worth it. We had breakfast at a car wash diner. We had Texas style steak. Not at the car wash. We, ehm, I did a lot of shopping. A lot.


We fed the goats. We had a blast. Thank you Robert and Violeta! Thank you Stephanie!


Then we went to Acapulco, where we didn’t do much other than chill out, eat succulent food, and rest. The boys loved it. We, not so much. We prefer to be stressed out and on a diet.


yes, we also prefer to be here in Sterzing, mingling with penguins and polar bears…


…to being by the pool eating pistachios with lime and hot sauce.


My boys, they loved it. We did it for them.


Two weeks into our vacation, my BABY was swapped for this thing with 6 teeth, who CRAWLS rashly and who STANDS UP.

Not fair.

Anyway, I’m waiting for the other parties involved in our mischief to send me better photos of it all, perhaps I’ll post some. Me? that’s all I got.



I know I’m late but I was busy getting a killer tan.

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2010 Resolutions

  1. In 2010 I will turn 30. It is something I will really put myself into. This time around I will stick to this resolution no matter what. I promise that you will not be seeing me in March already crawling back into my early twenties. Really, I mean it.
  2. In 2010 I will not leave blog posts unfinished.

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