the vacuity of shopping

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it’s been a while since the last installment of my shopping series, and there are a bunch of things that I have been coveting lately so there you have it:

Lisse rug, by Liz Eeuwes

I mean, honestly, in my living room I haven’t got a rug because I’m a rug-commitment phobic.  But with this beauty here I’d be ready to settle in for a life long relationship.

I mean, come on.

Let’s move on:

This camera bag. Yes, it’s a camera bag. Delicious. I’m going to be fully honest here: I was about to buy it, and thankfully it’s on backorder so I didn’t.

And last but not least: how fucking genius is this print?

I don’t really like the taste of alcohol, I don’t really like beer, or tequila, and I like only super awesomely good wine where you cannot taste the grapes and the liquor separately (if that makes any sense). But oh dear. G&T, I love. Because G&T don’t taste like alcohol, they taste like heaven.  Anyway, this one I did buy it. Vacuous me.

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basking in the sun

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It feels like ages ago.



a ride.

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Michele came back from Canada and it took him only a few hours with these two guys to ask: how did you manage all by yourself? Thank you. That was sweeter than all the maple syrup. I was really hard, it was exhausting, and kudos to all the single mothers out there.

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Giveaway – Swap of sorts.

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Call to my American bloggy friends!!!

I am proposing this fantastic swap in which I send you something super awesome in exchange of a roll of freezer paper. How about that?

I want to try this stenciling method on a fabric bucket for my kids ever growing stash of Lego.

Photo borrowed from How About Orange.

In exchange, I offer a vacuum sealed chunk of aged parmesan cheese (will travel well). Let me know if there’s something else you would prefer.



from my window.

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Today it was quite warm and the snow in our front yard is almost all gone, now it resembles the consistency of ICEE. Today I even thought of scooping some up, but I don’t have any cancer provoking syrups so I left it there. Anyway, this is the view from one of the many, many windows in my apartment. We used to have a jaw-dropping view but then they built some very hideous houses right between us and said view.

Who can spot a cable car and the highway?

wow, this is a bad photo. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll change it.



On my way to my thirties.

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When I wrote that this year I will turn 30, I meant it.

I chopped off my hair to begin with.

I hadn’t had a haircut since Damiano was born, because I’m stingy like that. Let’s say I saved a lot of money, not having to maintain a haircut for three years. Then I realized that my free-riding had come to an end when it took me one hour or more to untangle, comb, wash, comb again and dry that silly thatch. And it actually looked odd on me, so I always kept it tied up.

Now that I turn 30, I decided that the bimonthly cost of having the haircut must enter my budget. Maybe in place of more twenties-like things, like comics.

And this is me now. I think I don’t look a day under 35. That’s good.



9 months, and shoes.

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Damiano walked when he was 20 months old. And the day he did walk was one of the happiest of my life. Santiago, of course, had to do everything opposite. He doesn’t walk yet, but he wants to, desperately.

He likes to take his big brother for a ride in his cart, and is quite a good sport when Damiano gets off making him eat some floor.

Anyway, I decided to make him a pair of soft leather shoes for his 9 month birthday. I had a great time sewing leather for the first time. My Bernina is a wonderful machine and had absolutely nothing against it. The leather is a super soft deerskin in aqua that I bought to make a case for Michele’s kindle, that turned out ok, but so soft that perhaps doesn’t protect said Kindle much (who cares, we’ll get iPads as soon as they hit the market, eh eh eh right?) Well, the deerskin is so soft that it didn’t even require a leather needle, just a regular 90.

I used the white shoe as a guide. It was pretty easy.

There. Tomorrow I’ll buy the elastic tape so the little guy can wear them. And perhaps he can stop eating dirt.



Rigatoni puttanesca for me.

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top chef, carnival edition

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Part of my very personal idea of what a good mother is: one who dotingly makes things for her children:


I decided to be brave and not fear that thing you see there on the left. That is a pattern sheet from my first issue of Ottobre Design magazine. It scared the bejesus out of me at the beginning. All those lines. Then I realized it was easy and I went for it.

I dug out one of my old uniforms from my past days as a career-driven wannabe top chef and tore it apart. I chose a pattern for corduroy pants and made them with the houndstooth fabric of the chef pants. These new baby chef pants gave me multiple orgasms because: a) They cost me zero, and let’s face it, the chances of me wearing my chef clothes again, literally and figuratively, are quite slim, so those pants were going to grow mould and die in my basement. b) they are really nice and I’m proud of how well I managed to follow the instructions of the pattern, me and my conflicts with authority figures. c) I think he could wear these to work, if he worked. d) I even recycled the waistline (with its conveniently placed elastics), the zipper and the back pocket of the original pants. too smart.


For the jacket I simply shortened the sleeves and narrowed the bodice. Here I did a slapdash job of which I’m not proud, apart from the fact that it took me 30 minutes to do the whole thing.

The hat is pretty and we’ll see tomorrow if it fits Damiano’s little head, because I just finished it, at the last minute, of course. I’m Mexican.


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this is what I did today

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It’s carnival week in Damiano’s preschool and I volunteered to paint the kids’ faces. I volunteered because the notice had been up for almost a week and nobody had signed up. We can say I was a pity volunteer. Anyhoo… In his group there are 17 boys and 4 girls. In the time I painted 3 marvelous butterflies on 3 girls’ faces, another mom did all the boys (pirates, mostly) Only three girls, because the 4th girl wanted to be a policeman, a mean policeman. Anyway, I also did my own kid, and he ended up being the only feline in the group. But isn’t he cute?