the vacuity of shopping

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it’s been a while since the last installment of my shopping series, and there are a bunch of things that I have been coveting lately so there you have it: Lisse rug, by Liz Eeuwes I mean, honestly, in my living room I haven’t got a rug because I’m a rug-commitment phobic.  But with this […]

basking in the sun

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It feels like ages ago.

a ride.

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Michele came back from Canada and it took him only a few hours with these two guys to ask: how did you manage all by yourself? Thank you. That was sweeter than all the maple syrup. I was really hard, it was exhausting, and kudos to all the single mothers out there.

Giveaway – Swap of sorts.

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Call to my American bloggy friends!!! I am proposing this fantastic swap in which I send you something super awesome in exchange of a roll of freezer paper. How about that? I want to try this stenciling method on a fabric bucket for my kids ever growing stash of Lego. Photo borrowed from How About […]

from my window.

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Today it was quite warm and the snow in our front yard is almost all gone, now it resembles the consistency of ICEE. Today I even thought of scooping some up, but I don’t have any cancer provoking syrups so I left it there. Anyway, this is the view from one of the many, many […]

On my way to my thirties.

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When I wrote that this year I will turn 30, I meant it. I chopped off my hair to begin with. I hadn’t had a haircut since Damiano was born, because I’m stingy like that. Let’s say I saved a lot of money, not having to maintain a haircut for three years. Then I realized […]

9 months, and shoes.

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Damiano walked when he was 20 months old. And the day he did walk was one of the happiest of my life. Santiago, of course, had to do everything opposite. He doesn’t walk yet, but he wants to, desperately. He likes to take his big brother for a ride in his cart, and is quite […]

top chef, carnival edition

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Part of my very personal idea of what a good mother is: one who dotingly makes things for her children: I decided to be brave and not fear that thing you see there on the left. That is a pattern sheet from my first issue of Ottobre Design magazine. It scared the bejesus out of […]

this is what I did today

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It’s carnival week in Damiano’s preschool and I volunteered to paint the kids’ faces. I volunteered because the notice had been up for almost a week and nobody had signed up. We can say I was a pity volunteer. Anyhoo… In his group there are 17 boys and 4 girls. In the time I painted […]