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We had fun, we walked a lot, we ate at our favorite sushi place, we had our favorite ice cream, we ate our favorite pizza. It almost felt like a holiday, even if we lived there for what seems to be a lifetime. It certainly feels like a life ago, anyway.
We got the first photo of the four of us together, and there’s five of us. Say hello to the intruder.

Damiano loved the streetcar rides.

Baby-wearing is awesome. Quasi-toddler-weighing-26-pounds-wearing? not so much. But it was feasible. Just ask my back.

Damiano had fun, he ate sushi and liked it!  He’s fantastic. I love him.

Mr. Cheeks makes heads turn.

We were lucky because it was spring already, in Milan. Here? not yet. And the Duomo is still breathtaking.

Forsythias in the park.

I’m very happy I don’t live in that crazy place anymore, but I’m happy to spend a day there every now and then. It reminds me how lucky I am.

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brother led weaning

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a different meaning to BLW:

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Life has been a lot of this, as of late:

I’m getting ready for M. to go to Canada again next week, feeling very empowered this time: I’ll make it out alive and it’ll be fun! I’m still trying to come up with a good strategy for night time, since Santiago and I are now officially co-sleeping and Damiano does wake up sometimes in the middle of the night. Last time we had a couple of incidents involving two bawling little boys at 3 AM and I would gladly pass this time around.

This past week has been truly fantastic, with my aunt and uncle visiting us from Mexico, here in Sterzing.

We have been hanging around a lot, eating a lot, and tomorrow we’ll go on a little getaway to Milan together. With kids. It’s going to be interesting. And sushi will happen, yes it will.



My bedroom

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Back in July I said I would paint my bedroom a charcoal grey. I did it, but I never gave proof of it because… well, it’s a long story. It involves a baby. Anyway, today I managed to take this little photo. Enjoy it.

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soon it will be The Godfather

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but for now, my boy is obsessed with means of transport, especially if loud and pesky.

Yesterday I bought some new t-shirts for him because he seems to have grown a bit. I decided to make them special with my own designs of things he likes a lot. I used the freezer paper I received from Claudia, and !!!!!!! wow. It’s fun! And it works like a charm!! And it’s quick!!! Here ya go:



kind of jinxing it on purpose

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As a little girl I was convinced that bad things would happen to me. I had reasons to believe that my life was not going to be a good one, so I had this great technique to help me fight my fate.  I would append a good thing to a bad thing, because I was also convinced that good things wouldn’t happen. Whoever was in charge of my destiny had to know that in all those bad things I would have found a good thing, so it was perhaps the case of sparing me, they didn’t want to do me a favor did they?

Anyway, this mental exercise has become a routine for me and I always do it, even for the silliest things.

There’s a chance that my hubby will have to travel back to Canada during Easter fucking week. That means I’d be left here, with two kids and with schools closed. That means 24/7 with 2 rowdy little munchkins and no help during bed time. argh.

It would be tough.

What good could come of this?

Well. Shoes, for instance.

You see, I was blessed with a size 12 foot. I was blessed and I mean it, because I love shoes so much, I’d buy a pair a day, just for therapy. But I can’t, because they stop making the shoes I like several inches before my feet begin.

Well, today I found these beauties.

I’ll buy a pair in each color if Michele does end up going to Canada and I’ll have them delivered at his hotel. I would totally deserve them, right?



it’s not what it seems.

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The boy clearly liked the soup. But this was the one time he actually put the spoon in his mouth. The rest was eaten by scooping it up with the palm of his hand.

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then and now

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Today I finally managed to sew the replacement cover for the second sofa cushion.

Yes, a full year and a half after the first one. Anyway…

this was our sofa two years ago: The baby is Damiano.

this is now:

the baby is Santiago, the sofa is partially brown.



chocolate cake is your friend

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I was happy to learn today that boys enjoy baking cakes as much as girls do. This little baker has a slight fever and a cough today, so he stayed home from preschool. And no better way to kill a half an hour than to make a very good chocolate cake from this book,  which of course I had to buy. At the end there was cocoa, batter, sugar and egg shells all over the place and I had to make an effort not to go all anal-retentive on my poor sick boy, who by the way, learned the hard way that baking powder isn’t sugar.



I am my hands

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I love hands. I love my hands. They do things. They stroke. They squeeze. They push and pull. They grab. They clench. They obey, most of the time. They touch and they feel. They hold my rings and many of my scars. They learn and they forgive. I’ve never identified myself with my body, it’s always been so unheimlich to me. I am just what I do. I am my hands.

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