What did you do this morning?

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I taught my boy to ride his bike: YAYYY!!!


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Awakening. Asparagus. Strawberries. Sun. Breeze. Melancholy. Days roll past, fast. Maybe I should write a haiku. Remembering how lucky we are, because we have each other we are never alone. Reminding my children how much I love them and what joy they bring to my life. Smiling. It’s crucial to smile to them. They thrive. […]

My pianist

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This photo was taken with ShakeItPhoto, a Polaroid app for the iPhone. Cheesy? just slightly.


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my cool factor just skyrocketed.

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broken laptop, bad internet, no husband, two children.. these things had been keeping me from blogging lately, but I’m back in full swing, or at least, that is my intention. please let me show off the newest addition to my collection of gadgets: My dear husband gave in to my insistence out of guilt* for […]

exactly the same, but not quite.

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Let me tell you first of all of my love for quinoa: well, let David tell you: Anyway, I cooked this chicken the other day, with some grilling rub I found in my overpopulated spice cupboard, charred zucchini and carrots and quinoa with parsley and lime. And Damiano and Santiago had it, too. Damiano wasn’t […]


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this is how the entrance of our apartment looks like when I clean up:

not April fool’s

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the day Michele left for Canada, we got a LOT of this: Until it all looked like this: Very nice, you say. Being trapped in the house with two little rowdy boys and a cold is not so nice. But yeah, I liked the swirling whirling snowstorm, too.