carabinieri helicopter

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Someone I know has this little ongoing obsession with carabinieri helicopters. Before leaving for Mexico Damiano was in a small field trip to see the carabinieri helicopter at the mountain rescue building. Since then you can hear him sing something along the lines of “carabinieri to youuuu” in the tune of happy birthday.

Last week I went to Innsbruck with my friend Mabel, because she wanted a bench like the one we got for our front yard. I also bought new curtains for our studio and sooner or later I’ll post about the studio revamped. Anyway, we kept the box of Mabel’s bench and this is what it became:

The downside is that I might never get to toss out the damn thing and it will stay in my living room forever. Oh well.



sherri’s meme

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1. best news you’ve heard in a while?
not really news but the fact that I managed to renew my passport for 10 years while in Mexico was pretty good.

2. first concert you ever saw?
Alanis Morissette, 1994 or 95?

3. who was your teenybopper crush?
mhhh… I am too embarrassed to answer this. Let me just say that I used to think acne scars were sexy….

4. favorite new blogs you’d recommend?
I don’t know if they’re new but:
I love craft blogs and these are my top 3:

Made by Joel
Lady Harvatine
5. would you be interested in a bloggy pal meetup, and if so where do you suggest?
I’d love to in a couple of years when I can leave the monkeys at home with daddy.

6. total eclipse of the heart – crank up or change the station?
I sang this song at my school’s talent show when I was 15. That means crank up.

7. currently reading?
8. karaoke – yes or no?




gifts for the misses

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Two weeks ago (I think) was the last day of kindergarten and I wanted to express my gratitude to Damiano’s Misses for being extra patient, changing his nappies and basically for not telling me to wait another year to put him in kindergarten, he being the smallest child in the whole structure. I made these pencil pouches and stuck a gift certificate for our local bookstore inside. When I manage to put my act together I’ll put some like these in my shop.



4 years and a Japanese dinner

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4 years ago today Michele and I got married. It was beautiful. You can read about it here or here or here and see a shload of photos here. We are happy like we were then but maybe even happier because we have those two little humans that look like us and make us laugh. To celebrate the fact that I the man puts up with me I prepared a special meal:

Miso soup. My version without tofu (eew), with sprouts, carrot, ginger, zucchini and shitaake mushrooms. It was yummy. And I just noticed that this photo is supposed to be landscape. Oh well.

Spring rolls. These were very very good and I have to make them more often. The filling was normal italian noodles, cabbage, carrot and shrimp. Here they are waiting to be fried but I’m sure they are great cold like that.

and… drumroll please:

sushi! With lots of gari and wasabi, even if the only fresh fish I could find was salmon. It was nice. I made california makis, philadelphia makis and avocado makis. I made my man happy today.



I’m back

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Sometimes weird things happen. On Mother’s day I had an epiphany regarding my grandmother. We hadn’t spoken in nearly 5 years, since my grandfather died. While I was contemplating the possibility of calling her to tell her how sorry I was for how her life and mine had intersected and how I now understood that she was stuck with me like I was with her I learned that she was dying. I wasn’t supposed to know. She had expressly requested that nobody told me her body is invaded with tumors. Why? I don’t know. I have some guesses but they’re all equally malicious so I prefer not to know. The news shocked me deeply. I felt like an idiot, because it struck me that I had been waiting for Godot instead of having sought closure, as if she were to live forever. Hierba mala nunca muere say the Mexicans. But as my childish black or white view of things dissolves with the passing of time, now I know she isn’t a hierba mala at all. And I now know that her position was extremely difficult and by the end of our life together in 1998 I would have found reasons to resent her in any case because that’s what children do. And now I know that no matter how much I love my children, they will eventually resent me, too.

My husband asked me whether I’d go to the funeral. I thought about it for half a second and you know what? I don’t believe in dead people. I don’t believe in funerals. And with stage IV cancer I just had to leave stat to go see her. She had to see my boys.

I flew to Mexico with my kids in tow.

It was a month ago and I’m still recovering, so hence the lack of posts. Also, I came back to quite a different routine since kindergarten is closed for summer, summer that actually is not since it’s been raining non stop since we got back uhm 11 days ago.

I’m so happy I went to see my grandmother and that she could see my boys before cashing in her chips.

I’m so happy I had the chance to make this journey with my boys and I feel so empowered because it went well, travelling alone with two rambunctious little humans, I managed to survive and to have fun in the process. Lots of fun.