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And my mother-in-law knows. And she grew me a ton of basil.

So I added to 1 amount of basil, 80% parmigiano, 60% pecorino romano, 80% pine nuts, 50% olive oil, salt and garlic to taste.

Tonight the kids had green pasta for supper, we had trofie with green beans and potatoes with pesto, and we’re all happy.

My neighbors got some as well. They’re lucky.

I freeze it flat in sandwich ziplock bags. It makes me feel Swiss.



peach and blueberry and blackberry and pistachio crumble

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the other day I saw  this and thought: A-HA! and I set out to make it right away only to find halfway through that buttermilk was nowhere to be found in my fridge. It had gone with a double batch of pancakes the day before, that floozy. So instead of  cobbler I made crumble.

The fruit in this crumble: 3 nectarines, 3 peaches, 3 donut peaches, a handful of blueberries and 10 blackberries. I mixed the fruit with 1 tbsp maizena, 1/4 c brown sugar, the juice of half a lemon, and a hefty pinch of cinnamon. The topping is where I got creative:  pistachios, oats, flour and lots of butter. Usual pinch of salt and YAYYY more sugar. Here ya go. It was fan-tastic.

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on a side note…

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this girl here saved me.

It’s hands down the best manual breast pump I’ve ever used and believe me, I’ve tried quite a few. I’ll go to town and say it’s even better than the hospital medela I used all the time while Damiano was in the hospital. It’s simply fantastic. No hand cramps, 10 minutes pumping yielded 5 oz or so, and bear in mind that I’ve been breastfeeding for 14 months now. oh, and no pain. No pain whatsoever. I’m slightly riled because only now I come across this wonder of Swiss technology, now that I’m about to wean Santiago forever. Oh well.




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Okay my friends. I just happened to find myself.

The castle was awesome.

Bertoia chairs greeted me the first time I got lost, deemed a good omen.

This huge mural smiled to me. I loved it. hurray for getting lost in cool castles.

I got a nice t-shirt. And also a nice pencil and a name tag which I wore proudly.

The admission tests took place in the castle’s barn. It was at least slightly cool. The heat was a killer during the weekend.

This is my visual communication test. I was asked to visually represent the path that took me to the admission workshop. As soon as I read the assignment a maze came to my mind. I knew it was right. I used a n.2 pencil and minor touches of colour. I loved the end result.

My maze had a secret shortcut.

This little fellow came to visit me. I’m not superstitious but I couldn’t help but love it. I think today lizards are my favourite animal.

It’s going to be hard (you can’t imagine how annoying 18 year olds can be) but I’m just happy today. Happy happy.



okay here’s the thing

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I got this email the other day. It says that I have to go away next weekend, leaving my boys behind, sleep 2 nights in a castle, on the floor, in a sleeping bag, bring my pencil and my glue stick and scissors, and prove that I have to be admitted to study Art and Design otherwise the world will end.

If I don’t pass the admission tests it will be because I blogged about it hence making the universe align itself against me.

Anyway, I am in the process of freaking out.

I turn 30 this year, and coincidentally I also happen to have the opportunity to make something of my life, something I like.

10 years ago I started my university degree in Economics. I hated every single atom of it. 5 years ago I graduated. I wanted to do other things, and thinking that I’d always be alone, a career in cooking seemed perfect, travelling, working Chinese shifts, and creating marvelous dishes. A career that leaves not a single minute for personal life. Right there and then, my personal life called me. I married, I had children.

Now I’m turning 30 and I came to a huge realization: you can do what you love and still call it a job.

I want to be a designer. I hope I pass these tests and please everyone, keep your fingers crossed.



lots of chores, lots of fun.

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I haven’t been around here much for two reasons:
first is that I have something going on I don’t want to jinx;
and second: I haven’t got a minute free from kids or chores or tiredness.

We’ve been enjoying the pool. I’ve been enjoying my kids a lot. Although I’ve also enjoyed lots of help. 2 hours a day Vivi comes to play with the kids so I can have 2 hours to get things done and go to the gym. Also, she’s German speaking so Damiano won’t forget his German by the time preschools starts in September.

I was afraid of the summer because the idea of having to “turn 12 boring hours into a fascinating day” for them kind of overwhelmed me. But I’m doing great so far. I enjoy Damiano’s current state of constant chitty chat and curiosity and excitement very much and Santi is growing at a nuclear leak rate it’s fascinating.

I read this article (thanks Raina for the link) on parenting on New York Magazine: All joy and no fun and it made me think a lot. Basically it made me feel very lucky because I didn’t wait too long before having children, and also very lucky because the children in my marriage have been a source of more happiness and great fun (and I happened to think: ahh! it’s because of days like this that some mothers become alcoholics only once in the past 3 years.)

Of course, I’d love to have time to myself. I have a million projects and virtually no time to complete them. I love to read and I haven’t picked up a book in months. I love to sew and my sewing table is a total disaster because every time I’m working on something I’m brutally interrupted and must leave things as they are. There is a sediment of unfinished objects geologists are beginning to grow interested in. I love to cook but by the time kids are in bed, we are listless and the best we can come up with is a banana and cookies and milk. I want to go for a run or a bike ride but it doesn’t happen because I often end the day on the couch playing scrabble on my iphone, ready to dash into the kid’s room when Santi needs comforting back to sleep.

I liked this quote: “They’re a huge source of joy, but they turn every other source of joy to shit.” But honestly, I don’t care, because I know it’s a fleeting thing, childhood.

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