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My University just keeps getting more and more exciting and awesome and today I spent the day screen printing, which is I think one of my favorite things in the world, and then I even made it home on time to be with my boys and put them to bed and have cuddles wrestling with them. I feel so lucky, there are no words!

Well, there are some words: the words we’re using to get our hands dirty with logo design, and along the lines of what Herb Lubalin did, have some fun with them. Here are my “creations”:



cool eh?

University log 20101027

- Written words alone don’t say as much as written words and appropriate typographic styles together. Design also means finding the right combination of weights, cuts and types.

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designers & cupcakes

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Yesterday, in order to celebrate my birthday with my University peeps, I baked cupcakes, made pink frosting and sprinkled non-pareilles and brought them to the atelier. Also to celebrate the end of our project.

The frosting was a bit too pink. Lesson learned: red food coloring doesn’t behave as faintly as blue or green coloring. But they were really pretty nonetheless, and good.

We presented our projects and they were all really good! My gropekiller did get quite a laugh, too.

Everyone was happy.



more homework

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let’s not talk about my birthday

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because I have not one single photo of it. On Saturday at dinner with friends we didn’t take one single one, and on Sunday I took many but somehow all the files are corrupted, so I guess it was destiny. I’ll leave you with a photo of my 20th birthday instead.

I’m the one on the left. My sweet friend Azzurra is in the middle and Ada on the right, whom I haven’t seen since 2003.



I think you’re the one on the right not the one on the left baby


well I’m on the left in the group


is that not how one says it?



yes but when you describe a photo it’s the other way around

you described it from your point of view

not the viewer’s


So I’m the one on the right. Sorry. 30 years for nothing!

The Picasso in the background and the Klee (darker, maybe unrecognizable) are now both in the boys’ room.

Also, if 10 years ago you’d told me that in 10 years I’d be mother of 2 I’d have scoffed.

Presents were AWESOME this year, and included a trip to New York courtesy of my dear fantastic husband. We don’t know when we’ll be able to actually GO, because you know, we cannot inflict Santi and his adorable sleeping habits on my MIL just yet. But we’ll get there…..

Also, some $$$, which I have already diligently transformed into actual shiz I wanted: bad-ass camera bag and camera strap buddy, at the photojojo store.



Happy hippo…. Santiago

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More toergglen!

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yesterday, with University peeps, in a fabulous mountain hut.

I took a couple photos of the breathtaking landscape, the vineyards, the hills, the sparse huts, and also the beautiful autumn evening sky, and I merged them. Did a lousy job but you get the idea:



a preview of my homework.

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Eero Arnio and my cutterS

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Today I started a new project, which consists in making a model of an object using exclusively paper and cardboard. The object must have 2 functions. For example, a pencil with an integrated eraser. Goes without saying that I was very much looking forward to this project and today I tackled it eagerly.

The object I chose is Eero Aarnio’s Trioli rocking horse- chair. I love it. This is how it turned out.

I cut something like 30 C’s out of corrugated carton and glued them together. Then With My Cutter (Kata) I whittled the organic shape down. I love it. It’s just a prototype of the actual model, which would better be nice and perfect, so today I have to get hold of some finer, cleaner cardboard and start over.

It rocks!

University log 20101012

- Object that surprise you. A 3D actual model of something makes you stand up. A 3D rendering does not.

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Autumn is simply fantastic around here. The colors, the warm sunny days and the fresh gusty nights. The food: Schlutzkrapfen, plum jam krapfen and of course the chestnut binges.

It was that kind of day exactly. I had a rotten cold but I went along anyway, and it was a good thing because I sweat it all off on the hike to the place we had lunch at. Now I’m like new, or almost. The boys found a TRACTOR! and they had a blast. They were also very lucky because they had two fantastic play buddies. Thanks Sofia! Thanks Olivia!

Anyhoo, in two weeks time I turn 30 and we have decided to celebrate by eating out with a bunch of friends and getting drunk on young wine and scoff down all sorts of pork incarnations. Wanna come? drop me a line.




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Salpicon is a Mexican salad that always reminds me of Saturdays, when I could be present at the food preparing rituals in our Mexico City house. The cooks and my grandmother would cook while my grandpa would mow the lawn right after coming back from his Saturday board meetings at the dairy plant, in which he always received a bag full of warm scones and cream and butter. It was never my favorite food, because the beef in if was always too tough and there was always too much onion. It is in the end a dish invented to use leftovers, if you ask me. Like, throw together all you can find in your veggie drawer.

Today I made this version, which was just purrrfect. Let’s say that I had the right things sitting in the fridge.

The veal was part of a pot-a-feu I made on Thursday becaue I was craving a good bowl of broth, with tortellini of course. And my kids loved them as well so it was great, especially now that days are getting colder and shorter. I made it in the pressure cooker, so it was rather fast and the veal was super tender. I cut the chunk into matchsticks, and tossed them together with: celery, cucumber, 1 cooked potato, red onion, coriander, tomato, lime juice, sherry vinegar, salt, pepper, olive oil… Avocado is mandatory but I do live in the Alps you know. So we ate it pretending it was covered in avocado slices. It was great and it brought so many memories to me.

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