Christmas bonanza, 2010 edition.

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Presents this year included: iPhone4 (!!!!!!!) which I haven’t been able to play with yet because don’t try this at home or at least listen to the guy and not just snip snip snip because it won’t fookin work; a fan-tas-tic f 1.4 – 50mm lens for my camera which I’m completely and totally in love with; 2 books that are special because chosen for me and not taken from my wishlist, a gift certificate to get a thousand massages with a chinese guy who claims can undo the effect that baby-wearing had on my cervical vertebrae, and and and oh yeah, a trip to Paris.

For Damiano it was the first Christmas in which he understood what was going on and got really excited, and I think he was very happy about his booty. And I ws happy to tell him that he got aaaaaaall those presents because he’s such a good boy, because he is. And that lego jetplane is really cool!!!

Santi didn’t quite understand but he’s recovering and is happy, too. He didn’t care for the lego digger or the books as much as for this wind-up dinosaur. It’s the little things. Thanks Katie!

I got my hubby some sonically-superior headphones and a super scrabble, in which he’s going to get his butt kicked. But I’m guessing he liked the lego jetplane just as well.

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Gingerbread town 2010

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I’ll try to get over my blogger’s block (AKA lack of time) and will share these pretty things:

Santi’s been all snotty and coughing and generally miserable, but boy did he enjoy nicking my table with that pizza wheel.

Damiano is growing so fast, and he loves rolling dough.

Of course, his mommy wanted to be an architect.

If only it were as easy….

Or she could’ve been a mason.

A nice little Stepford.

Katie and the girls came to help with the decoration…

And Damiano decorated his with passion.

Santi watched, moaned and groaned, and ate a mountain of gummibears.

Lisi was very proud of her house. It was “hard work”, she said.

My boy’s super creative. With those edible pens he drew something very much like green snot on the facade.

Now we just need a hammer.




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I was lucky enough to have an incredibly supportive husband, challenging and exciting homework, and some cash in the bank: I thought it was a great idea to go to Paris for the weekend.

(yeah… sans enfants)

And it would have been, had I not spent 2 out of 3 days away stuck in various airports standing in various lines for hours at a time, receiving inconsistent information and realizing that when your flight is cancelled, you must not believe the sour bitches telling you there’s nothing to do.

If your flight is cancelled it is your right to be put on waiting list on every other possible flight. Lesson learned. I got in two flights that were “full” thanks to my demands to be put on waiting list. Apparently full flights are not really full, or something. Also, I don’t know why, but my suitcase was tagged HOT. I thought it was funny and will find out what it means, and it was great because in spite of all the waiting lists I was in, when I finally landed in Paris, my suitcase landed too.

In any case, the one day I spent in Paris was really great and somehow worth the whole ordeal. Because Paris is Paris, even when it snows. And because now I have some kick ass homework.

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Happy birthday ma

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I really won’t complain because I love having a thousand things going on and I love it because it leaves me no time to fret and stress about stupid things. I like to fret and stress about important things. Like my kids and whether they’re happy, like my homework and whether it’s good, like my christmas tree and whether it’s awesome.

In the meantime, outside has been much like this:

And someone has been doing much of this:

And someone else, well… what can I say?

Fortune cookies, encouraging my haphazard approach to things:

Moreover, my homework has been looking a lot like this:

yeah, cool. I know!

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the artists formerly known as…

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Outsourcing my christmas card production….

If I have your address, expect one of these :)

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