Christmas bonanza, 2010 edition.

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Presents this year included: iPhone4 (!!!!!!!) which I haven’t been able to play with yet because don’t try this at home or at least listen to the guy and not just snip snip snip because it won’t fookin work; a fan-tas-tic f 1.4 – 50mm lens for my camera which I’m completely and totally in […]

Gingerbread town 2010

I’ll try to get over my blogger’s block (AKA lack of time) and will share these pretty things: Santi’s been all snotty and coughing and generally miserable, but boy did he enjoy nicking my table with that pizza wheel. Damiano is growing so fast, and he loves rolling dough. Of course, his mommy wanted to […]


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I was lucky enough to have an incredibly supportive husband, challenging and exciting homework, and some cash in the bank: I thought it was a great idea to go to Paris for the weekend. (yeah… sans enfants) And it would have been, had I not spent 2 out of 3 days away stuck in various […]

Happy birthday ma

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I really won’t complain because I love having a thousand things going on and I love it because it leaves me no time to fret and stress about stupid things. I like to fret and stress about important things. Like my kids and whether they’re happy, like my homework and whether it’s good, like my […]

the artists formerly known as…

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Outsourcing my christmas card production…. If I have your address, expect one of these