1st semester magazine cover

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I made a pop-up magazine, which is not in my possession so photos of it will come, eventually. In the meantime, here’s the cover.    

16 2/3 % done.

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Soooo.. long time no see. Yeah I’ve been awfully busy, time just flieeees… Next week I have to sit 4 exams, more or less easy peasy, and then I’m free until March 7th! I plan to use my “free” time as follows: spend time with my boys. learn to ski cross country swim a lot […]

another happy birthday…

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I love birthdays. Mine, but especially those of the people I love. January 17th was my grandpa’s birthday, and not one January 17th has passed that I don’t remember fondly how I used to drop everything I was doing in order to pay him a call and tell you how much I loved him. He’s […]

A preview of my homework

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(The one that took me to Paris) It’s in Italian, and unless you’re into that sort of thing, it’s also boring I suppose. Anyway:


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Rice krispie treats + miniature sandwiches + cupcakes + 12 kids = party!! (and also: exhaustion) Damiano was a brilliant host and beyond happy. The place was trashed! Lots of presents!!!! (and party favors on the right) They all helped him unwrap. It was funny because he got a playmobil motorbike and he said: “I […]

taken with my 50 mm f/1.4

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Too lazy to write something. Or too tired. Either way, just some photos I took yesterday at My University. My new lens is simply fantastic. Extreme depths of field. Extremely sharp. That huge print of Damiano is incredible. Marta always looks pretty. Melani, too. One of my favourite people. Marie in the dimmest light you […]

happy birthday bunting

My baby turned 4 today!!!!! It seems like decades ago that we were at the NICU, but it also seems like weeks ago that we were celebrating his 2nd birthday. It’s crazy.   I was feeling horrible today because I decided that since his party will be next thursday he really didn’t need to know […]

happy new year!!!

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I hope you have a good one! In spite of everything, 2010 was a good year, and I’m really believing 2011 is going to rock. I will be blogging less because I’ve lost my inspiration and what used to be fun now is not. I think this is quite evident since my posts are boring […]