ice skating!

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Surprise mommy! I will be on my butt most of the time, but I will learn how to get up again all by myself, and I’m going to love it!

When the lesson was over, he made me get skates so we could skate together because he didn’t want to leave! And I put on skates after 20 years, and I still could do it. Pretty cool.

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that’s exactly him right there

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Santiago – English dictionary:

bazizee = gummy bears

chichap = ketchup

pillow = caterpillar

fizzy vata = fizzy water

says cheese! every time he sees a camera…

and, 21 month old thing, swimming to the edge of the pool, getting out and diving back in all by itself.



waiting for spring

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this morning

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sweaty and nice


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I really love it here.



I live here.

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Ok, not really *here*, but pretty close by. It’s stunning.

We trudged up this bloody steep trail, ate at a mountain hut and came down in fours: 4 adults, 4 kids, 4 sledges. I came down by foot because I freaked out.

Whilst we waited for our foooood, we kept the kids busy making them pose for us. These two are Cute.



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a little train bag for Norah

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Norah turns 3 tomorrow, and she’s a hoot and very much into trains apparently.

Celebrating that I have successfully concluded the first semester of my degree and now have TIME!!!, I decided to sew a little bag for her. It came together quite by accident, as I was trying to make the checkered pouch from this book and, well, you know me. Just got to do things my own way. I’m in love with the result. Cuteness.


I used some scraps I had lying around, especially from this IKEA collection, some leftover linen and the train is a japanese fabric I bought on etsy eons ago.

The tulip button comes from one of my swaps, and for the eyelet I used my very own bias tape. Pretty.

The lining is from ikea as well, but I cannot find it on their website right now.

Happy birthday sweetie!