my favourite, current obsession

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  Digital Graphics and Typography. Wherein I learn everything about type and how to design my own.    


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Lovely long weekend in Salzburg, interspaced with homework related duties, for which I gathered a crazy amount of data, mostly photos of my kids, recordings and videos. As a part of this I decided to make a catalogue of all their possessions. As I set out to do this, I realized that it was a […]

bespectacled youth

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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may know by now that Damiano has a wonky eye and honestly, looking back at how it all began, we are so thankful for that wonky eye. And now he’s got glasses! He looks irreparably cute and to me those glasses scream: I made it, […]

faschings (carnival)

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All set for the public revelry!

what’s in here?

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I so seldom clean up that when I do, my home seems worthy to be photographed.


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My dear friends E&E came over this past weekend, and we had a wonderful time. We chewed the fat, had great meals, laughed like idiots and oh how we wish they came more often! They’re getting hitched in July (or September?) and I’ll design and print their invitations. I’m very excited about this project because […]