a dream…

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Damiano upon waking up this morning: “I saw that I had two mommies and there was the sun even if it was evening”.    

pneumonia, easter, ugh.

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Perhaps the trip to Milan wasn’t a very good idea, I spent two days feeling weak and having shivers! But I was so happy to see my friends, and they loved their invitations so that was also nice. After 6 weeks with a cough, what seemed to be a bad case of bronchitis and one […]

E&E, wedding invitations.

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As I said a while back ago, my dearest friends are tying the knot very soon, and as a wedding gift I designed and printed their wedding invitations. The only thing they told me was that their color is orange and that they wanted something modern. I wanted to use some symbolic elements that mean […]

party gifts.

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All the girls I didn’t birth must be in limbo, rejoicing that I’m not their mother. Here’s a little sample of the shit they would never have been able to come close to.   underage hooker style barbie. Keep this away from the prime minister. aha… oh look! the hooker had a baby! who dipped […]

preview of my homework

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so much to do, so little time

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I have been very busy among children to raise, homework to do and German to learn, so I apologize to my 3 readers for being M.I.A. I seem to make up for the fact that nature graced me with 2 boys by making girly things for my friends’ girls, like this little bag for Sara’s […]