first attempt

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at type design:   Concept: grid constructed font, using one based on overlapped triangles and diagonals.

typo london

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  I got my ticket! Who wants to join me?

nibbles, by Santi

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May is apparently field trip month around here. Everywhere you go, schoolchildren invasions. Well Saturday it was our turn, too. D’s preschool organised a little hike with final BBQ and commando slide.

for Paola

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Paola is a little girl who, like Damiano, was born way too early. I just wish someone had showed me something like this during the 3 months he spent in the hospital.      

a preview of my homework

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Or rather, a preview of something pretty that will be part of my homework: Processing generated graphics, starting with a recording of Santi while chatting himself to sleep, or with KISS’s I was made for loving you baby…. they still need a bit of tweaking before I can proceed to my actual work but I […]


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Damiano was asked to draw a picture of me for mother’s day. This is the most anthropomorphic thing he’s ever drawn (though it looks like an ostrich with a svastika-head), and I’m flattered because I know orange is his favourite colour.

does this tensegrity dome make me look fat?

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  A fantastic conference and workshop at My University with two design professors of Musashino (I love that word. musashino musashino musashino) University in Japan. We learned tons about Japanese aesthetic, design approaches, and a dash of craftulence and hands-on problem solving… Also, I’m pooped. update: The big one:

can’t believe my luck!

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I found a website that sells shoes for size 12 cinderellas like me and ships to Italy… and thanks to the strong euro, they are a steal. I’m so giddy.  I bought these shoes to go with my  baby blue dress below. Can you tell I’m so excited about the wedding? and also, right after […]