My spoonflower shop

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elegance and class

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my two dandies

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sweet dreams in the 70′s

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How this:

Became this:


and this:


I struggle to find nice PJ pants for my boys, so I made them myself. The print is Processing art generated with a recording of the boys winding down to go to sleep.

I ordered the custom printed organic cotton knit from Spoonflower, where you can now buy a couple of my designs, too.

This one in particular is quite 70′s-ish and not my favorite, but I really love the concept. Making them was a breeze, from cutting to finished product in 20 minutes. Also, my first time using a twin needle. Who needs a serger?




Loteria notebooks

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School is out tomorrow for 3 months! YAY.

I wanted to make something for Damiano’s preschool teachers who are super nice and have a ton of patience and always make me wonder how on earth can anyone do that job. I didn’t have much time, but I also want Damiano to grow up capable of showing appreciation, because there’s nothing I hate more than children who are selfish entitled little shits. So here’s to my attempt to make him learn that saying thank you is important.

Ingredients for 6 notebooks:

6 illustrations from Mexican loteria boards.
6 pieces of heavy cardstock: I used some remnants of Enrico and Elena ‘s wedding invitations, 250gr/sqm card. They were handy because already straight.
6 sheets of colored construction paper. I used IKEA’s, but something even heavier would have been better.
12×6 pages from old notebooks. I dismembered the old notebooks from my previous life as an aspiring economist.

I put the cardboard on the sheets of paper and sewed them together in the middle, like this:

Then I cut out the excess paper:

Then I folded them along the stitch, and then made a dust jacket out of the colored construction paper.

And I fixed it to the cover with one of my moo stickers. A touch of fucking class.

Then I cut out a loteria board. I would have loved to glue la muerte or la calavera or el diablo, but I don’t know that everyone shares my sense of humor.

Ta- daaaaaa!







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I love these people.

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typographic weekend

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I spent this past weekend away from my boys and my adored husband, and though I missed them terribly, I was very happy to print print print.

Four crazy people, owners of Adana printing presses, got together to make a book and other little projects. I happen to be the craziest of the 4, owner of the biggest press.

Typesetting by hand, pretty swell.


Red is my favorite color. Along with orange, yellow, greens of all hues, blues of all hues, purple, white and black.


I printed holiday cards. 40 of them. I’ll go wild in December sending these out.

Inside: slab serif.

Lovely surroundings.


two color prints. Pretty 5′s.

And that is that. Happy whit monday.






I made this! ha!

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