elegance and class

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  my two dandies

sweet dreams in the 70’s

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How this: Became this:   and this:   I struggle to find nice PJ pants for my boys, so I made them myself. The print is Processing art generated with a recording of the boys winding down to go to sleep. I ordered the custom printed organic cotton knit from Spoonflower, where you can now […]

Loteria notebooks

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School is out tomorrow for 3 months! YAY. I wanted to make something for Damiano’s preschool teachers who are super nice and have a ton of patience and always make me wonder how on earth can anyone do that job. I didn’t have much time, but I also want Damiano to grow up capable of […]


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I love these people.

typographic weekend

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I spent this past weekend away from my boys and my adored husband, and though I missed them terribly, I was very happy to print print print. Four crazy people, owners of Adana printing presses, got together to make a book and other little projects. I happen to be the craziest of the 4, owner […]