extravagant craftulence

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I designed a cut and sew pattern for this week’s Spoonflower contest. If you really have nothing to do, please sign up and vote for mine. It’s this one:



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swim bag

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The day I moved here, literally, they closed the public swimming pool for renovations. After 4 long years without a single lap, it reopened last winter, and I’m finally getting back to my old swimming self.

I had forgotten how much I love it. I have a year ticket and I’ve been swimming the hell out of it lately. I made this little bag: it holds exactly what I need and nothing more: flip-flops, towel, swimsuit, goggles, cap. and it will be perfect to bring with me to the university so I can stop at the pool on my way back home.


It has a special band where I can attach my bracelet. (Opens the turnstiles and locks the lockers). Does it have a name? anyway.

Large front pocket. For my phone mostly.

Inner pocket with velcro closure. For my keys.

Drawstring opening.

The shoulder strap is short, perhaps a bit too short. But it’s quite comfy to carry. I’ m guessing in winter with swaters and coats it won’t be large enough to put my arm through…. I might fix that when the time comes. Ok, now I’m off to the pool!! bye.


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for once I’m not the one taking the photos

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And now I’m home alone! Michele took the kids on a camping trip so I can study for my Film History exam due in September. I can’t believe it. I’m alone, in my house. I miss them, sure, but… How fucking cool!

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these two know how to make my heart melt

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fabric and stuff

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Our amazing holiday in Lanzarote came to an end and it was a real shock. For the first time after a 2 week vacation I wasn’t missing my home. Anyway, now we recovered, and are enjoying our now traditional August at home. I’m trying to tank up on my kids, because I know that come October I’ll miss them horribly and I’ll have guilt for leaving them so many hours a day so many days a week when my 3rd semester starts. We’ve been doing lots of things, mostly craftulence and playgrounds. We found one with a comando slide and now you can imagine where they want to go ALL THE  TIME.

I’ve been quite busy in the evenings when they’re asleep getting ready for a couple of exams I have to sit in September, and also designing things, mostly fabrics for my shop.

This one here was featured in the Spoonflower home page:


I also designed these two versions of a circus theme for their upcoming fabric contest. I’m undecided which colorway to enter with.

Tuttifrutti version


Tulip field version.

Anyway, I’m addicted to Illustrator and all this designing and sewing has taken a toll on my posture and bum, I can’t wait for this beauty I just got myself for my unbirthday to arrive:


bye folks.