extravagant craftulence

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I designed a cut and sew pattern for this week’s Spoonflower contest. If you really have nothing to do, please sign up and vote for mine. It’s this one:    

swim bag

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The day I moved here, literally, they closed the public swimming pool for renovations. After 4 long years without a single lap, it reopened last winter, and I’m finally getting back to my old swimming self. I had forgotten how much I love it. I have a year ticket and I’ve been swimming the hell […]

for once I’m not the one taking the photos

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  And now I’m home alone! Michele took the kids on a camping trip so I can study for my Film History exam due in September. I can’t believe it. I’m alone, in my house. I miss them, sure, but… How fucking cool!

fabric and stuff

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Our amazing holiday in Lanzarote came to an end and it was a real shock. For the first time after a 2 week vacation I wasn’t missing my home. Anyway, now we recovered, and are enjoying our now traditional August at home. I’m trying to tank up on my kids, because I know that come […]