Medical school is next.

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They usually say that a first born enjoys a more thorough documentation of their early life, while the subsequent siblings and their accomplishments go unnoticed or at least never make it to the family album. In this case I have proof that we try our hardest: I have evidence of both my boys as they […]

Mäppchen (or: Sometimes Manic ain’t Bad)

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When I was little I was obsessed with pens, note pads, stickers, tape etc, and I owned several and very diverse pencil cases. I still can’t go by a stationery shop without going in. Anyway, a year after I first thought of it (today I managed to start and finish a project within 4 hours, […]


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My father-in-law and I share birthdays. We had a nice one, and my kids are gorgeous. Also quite funny.


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{I just got back from London. A very intense 4, 5 days. Learning, walking (sorest feet evah), meeting people and missing my 3 men back at home. I’ll catch up with this neglected blog of mine, bear with me.} [yeah it was my birdthday, I turned 31. I'm an old hag] Soooooo… here it goes: […]


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Long time no see! Straight to the point: Glass. This semester my project is all about glass and wine. The idea is to design an object made of glass that in some way is connected to wine, so duh, a wine glass, a caraffe, a decanter a bottle, or something in between. So far we’ve […]