the newsstand in Berlin

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I love magazines, so every time I get out of my god forsaken town and find a proper newsstand I’m like a kid in a candy store. No scratch that. I’m like a kid in the iPad store. Anyway, I also love to look at shitty magazines: 1993? Hello! It’s 2012, we found one of […]

TYPO Berlin 2012

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After 7 years I managed to go back to Berlin, and I had a perfect excuse to do it. The Typo conference is one of those things that the cool kids go to, all the designers and typographic heroes, including those whose fault it is that I got into this mess in the first place. […]


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“where do ideas come from? from looking at one thing and seeing another speculating, changing, pulling, transforming and if you’re lucky you come out with something maybe worth saving, using and building on that’s when the game stops and that’s when the work begins… and if you’re patient there will come that moment when you’re […]

Off season ornaments

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Pinterest has saved me in more than one occasion. This time, it saved me from greasy counters and an inmoral waste of butter and sugar. My kids love making cookies, I think cookie cutters are their favorite way of making things right now, but I’m always hesitant about making actual cookies because a)I end up […]


I know it is insane to nourish feelings of love towards an inanimate object, but this sofa does exactly that to me. I’m not sure if it was the simplicity of the frame, or the fact that it’s soft without being blobby, but I think it’s an amazing design. (It’s such a shame that it […]