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Winter is slowly surrendering and we the last few days have been nice. I almost can’t believe my meteo station when it marks temperatures above  0°C. What makes this first herald of spring even nicer is the thought of the birth of my baby! Our family will be soon complete (unless something unlikely happens, like we winning the lottery – in such a case I would love to have two more children. Oh if only we could afford a butler!)

I finished a roman shade for our living room in record time, and it isn’t half bad. Will post about that soon. My sewing skills are improving consistently: I don’t curse at the machine as much as I used to.

The puff pastry found at german discount stores LIDL is made with only butter and 24% of it. And it is amazing. Tonight, in order to justify the fact that I turned on the oven to cook Damiano’s 3 fishsticks, I made a very delicious quiche. I used a leftover courgette I had in the fridge, 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs, grated cheese and since I didn’t have any cream, I used a pot of goat milk yogurt. It was lovely. And trans-fat free.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, too much probably, about my grandmother, and why she used to be such a bitch with me when I was little, and it occured to me that maybe she was treated the same way by her mother, and suddenly I felt less contempt for her and a little more pity. I swear to myself that I’ll never treat my children that way.

My friend Katie is playing a private concert for Ratzinger on Saturday.

Damiano is saying new words: mouth, eyes, onion, Achtung, bread, Lego™, and other words that only I understand, like “mixel” (music), “beda” (bread), “oggut” (yogurt)… and finally says Acqua instead of acca. Time goes so fast and on Monday we’re signing him in for Kindergarden. I almost can’t believe that only two years ago I was lying on a hospital bed with a swollen face while the nurses decided to give me a diuretic to fill the empty pee sack.

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