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My two sons have graced me with the two most dissimilar motherhood experiences. (I loved this essay from Cristin, because it echoes my own feelings towards D. and S. and her writing is excellent.)

The most evident difference between my boys is of course, their size. And with that, their attitude towards eating.

Damiano made me eat humble pie after I used to mock parents who fretted over their kids eating too little. Now I know it is horrible. It’s not the thought of your child starving himself to death. Not only that. It’s the dread of them not having enough vitamins to see well, calcium to grow well, fat to build their brains. It is the fear of them living on milk bottles till they’re 20, the fear of them being mocked at school: the midget kid. All of that and more that I refuse to think of now. The kid now eats without fussing much as long as we keep him entertained or distracted.

Santiago, well. See for yourselves. He turned 7 months today, and he celebrated by making love to a steak.





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  1. sherri/the claw
    December 14, 2009

    I wish Cristin would write a book. My boys are carbon copy eaters of yours. My youngest eats everything not nailed down and now weighs the same as his older brother (1yr. and a half apart). I think he will grow taller than him soon as well.

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