Ruminating on sex, gays, and pope Ratzinger.

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As the catholic church progressively loses customers, the head of the marketing department and chief officer Mr. Ratzinger stated today in Rome that catholicism is not against sex, as long as sex doesn’t undermine the existence of families. Is that an invitation to get laid without birth control?

The Vatican and all his world-spreaded spies and ambassadors don’t cease poking their noses in the internal affairs of the local governments. It is the case of Italy, for instance. As odd as it may seem, in this country, God is really busy liaising with Ratzinger and Company in order to avoid at any cost that gay couples or non-married couples get the civil rights of married couples, and implying that some sons and daughters of God are simply flawed items of his creation, and don’t deserve to be as free as the others. A statement issued today, confirming that senile disgorging spree of his, unmarried couples that live together, gay or not, were defined as an “eclipse of god”. I wonder what Bonnie Tyler would think.

I loved this cartoon, on Diario last friday. It embraces the message of Ratzinger’s last visit to Auschwitz and his back-at-home standpoint on relatively more hollow matters as PACS (Italian acronym for Civil Pacts of Solidarity: the set of rights and regulations for more-uxorio relations).

-God, why didn’t you raise your voice over Auschwitz?…
And you talk to me every day about the PACS?

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