for one thing or two, it isn’t that bad.

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I’ve never been particularly fond of being female. Boys have more fun, are less scared of insects and are allowed to go out and explore things on their own. Girls grow breasts and get periods. There’s too much to do to be beautiful, too much to think about. Too much acting required, too much getting dressed. Then if you grow up in a catholic family like mine, there is a lot more to being a woman: submission to men, serving men, being quiet, and being thought of as the root of all sin and evil. Your virginity and purity are regarded as a treasure to preserve in spite of yourself, and if you try to be an individual be prepared to be labeled as something you are not.

But besides all that, acknowledging that you have life inside yourself that grows from you, that will be a part of you but will be an autonomous human being: that is worth it all.