Robot cake

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Let’s cut to the chase:

Bake a LARGE sheet cake.

I used the biggest roasting pan that I could fit in my oven. I also measured the inside of my fridge and I cut a board just as big, to keep the cake cold until serving it and I wrapped it in freezer paper.

I used Nick Malgieri’s recipe for a Whipped Cream Cake from this book.  It was a very good choice because it’s moist and dense at the same time, and very easy to maneuver, slice and put together.

Cut one large rectangle, around 14″ x 10″ for the body and another one 12″ x 5″ for the head.

With the rest, cut out arms and feet (or wheels or what have you). Keep the edges for breakfast.

I sliced the pieces in half and filled with chocolate ganache.

Then I frosted the whole thing with slightly sweetened whipped cream. The letters are made of colored marzipan, and the decorations are mainly m&m’s and the eyes are licorice wheels.

I thought it was a cool cake, but I would have sworn that the kids wouldn’t eat it. Especially when I started slicing it and it felt hard as a brick. But…

It was really delicious! and the kids loved it. They all wanted slices with m&m’s (next time one could forgo all the trouble of making the shape and serving a round cake covered in them).

From now on this whipped cream cake with chocolate ganache and whipped cream will be my choice of birthday cake.

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  1. Added by Ana on January 17th, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    The party looks fun, the cake looks awesome made with love. You can see that, Damiano he has blossomed into a smart looking boy. He looks so good and so much like his daddy! it’s impressive. Where is Santiago? he is changing so fast too. Cool party, it’s nice to have many friends to play with!

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