The three stages of Napa chicken.

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After more than 3 months of hospital food, I’m back to serious cooking, thanks to the fact that we now have a house for ourselves – that means I have a kitchen once again! To thank Paolo for lending us his place for the moment, we had a revival dinner of our last vacation to California: I emulated the famous Napa chicken, (also seen here) with some european variations: no Tecate beer, but a Thueringer, and no lime but a lemon. The original Napa spices we bought at Sur la Table (IIRC) last fall. The contrivance to impale the chicken comes from a german kitchen supplies company called Kuechenprofi, and is called Haenchengriller. It costs about 13 euros.




The poor thing lasted about 20 minutes, attacked mercilessly by my brother-in-law, my hubby and me. It was succulent, just like the Bounty Hunter’s. Warm thanks to my sweet baby for sleeping all the way through dinner and prep.