My 11 kitchen essentials

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I’m in a list-making mood today, so here goes my list of the kitchen supplies I would take along in a desert island. (ok, not really.)

Wasabi grater (from Muji): My everyday cooking is  lebanese, italian and mexican. Three that can’t live without garlic. With this wasabi grater, I can puree garlic faster and I the result is creamy,  not chunky like with a garlic press, which afterwards is also annoying to clean! To clean this one water is enough, and it’s made from stainless steel so rubbing one’s hands under cold running water with it, makes the smell of garlic disappear. (just watch those nails)


Mexican lemon/lime squeezer: For those of you who have seen *this*, let me show you the real thing. It’s made from an alloy of aluminum and tin and maybe something else (or something less!), and it has been sold in open air markets throughout Mexico for ages, before Williams & Sonoma (or whoever did) copied the idea to make a fancier one!!

Rice cooker: quick healthy sides that go with almost any roasted meat, goulasch, ragout, curry, fish etc. Sometimes I put carrots, courgettes, and green beans in it to make steamed rice with veggies.
Ziplock bags: The best thing after ice cream sandwiches. These populate my freezer with all sorts of content, from overripe bananas, grapes, chicken drumsticks, to spring rolls whose box was too bulky and baby’s tooth soothing toys.


Moulinette: can’t make any real kibbe without the moulinette!!! Besides meat, it is great for making breadcrumbs, grinding nuts, and making a chunky guacamole!

Microplane cheese grater: shred the Parmigiano, lots of it and with little effort (and waste).


Rosle silicon Spatulas: real silicon means they don’t attract dust while in the drawer, they don’t melt, and they last forever. I use them in three sizes: huge, medium and tiny.

Global serrated knife Gs13: tomatoes are the core of mexican, lebanese and italian cuisines, but even the ripest ones have a tough skin. With this knife slicing tomatoes (as well as bell peppers and eggplants (aubergines)) is a piece of cake.


WMF’s Ball whisk – (or as I call it, my carbonara tool): Yes, first you whisk the eggs with it. Then you mix the eggs into the cooked spaghetti and you comb them with it, so the sauce goes everywhere, and then you serve them with it, by picking them up and twisting them… Besides it is really easy to clean it, compared to normal balloon whisks.
Castor peeler: the best peeler you can get, and the cheapest one, too. (1,50 euros the last time I got one). Great fot shaving Parmigiano and vegetables to make chips
Onion chopper: A little over the top, since onions is much all it can chop, but for a sweet girl with easy tears like me, it’s revolutionary.


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