Roman shades: part 2

Posted by on Jan 19, 2008 in craftulence, I wanted to be an architect | No Comments

In my defense I can say that I’m an amateur seamstress. And that this curtain I had to make in the short stretches of time Damiano let me concentrate.

The result is.. well.. let’s see it:


So, the first thing to notice is that the fabric crinkled where I sewed (sides and middle), and the weight rod isn’t heavy enough.

The photo is bad, but I’d wait till the shade is actually mounted in order to judge whether is sucks or not. Perfection is, alas, out of the question.

Tomorrow I’ll go on with the other 6. Hopefully the experience of today will make the next ones easier.

If you have suggestions on how to prevent the crinkling of the fabric, or any suggestions in general, please do tell.

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