Damiano eats

8 am: 150 ml (5 oz) cow’s milk with soluble baby cookies

11 am:  1 pot homogenized veal +
5 tbsp pea soup or vichyssoise or vegetable soup or squash soup + olive oil + grated parmean + black pepper.

3 pm: 120 ml cow’s milk

6 pm: vegetable broth with baby  pasta + cream cheese+ olive oil + peppe, 1/2 pot of yogurt

9 pm:  150 ml cow’s milk & baby cereal

12 am: 120 m cow’s milk

The funny thing is that the introduction of solid foods wasn’t as gradual as I wanted to. One day he refused to eat anything, the next day he devoured a bowl of food.  As a premature baby, he should have started solids at 5 months corrected age, that is last September. However he couldn’t care less what the paediatrician said: he started at 10 months c.a. and one year of life.

Now I look back at every single day I worried because of his tiny appetite and I feel a little ridiculous.

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