the 20 minute pouch.

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Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the road to my printing workshop, and I am already missing my son awfully. I’ll be back on Sunday evening. 4 days away = eternity.

This afternoon while I packed my suitcase I realized the accessory pouch I own is too big to travel alone for only 4 days (even if that’s an eternity, anyway).

So I made one.

It took me exactly 20 minutes: I love the result, even if I only had a purple zipper, it gives the final pouch a nice funky character. I used a very light lining and I like how soft the pouch feels, but I think that a sturdier material or even a bit of interfacing wouldn’t hurt. But hey, it’s the 20 minute pouch. Not a two hour pouch.

I used half fat quarter of the Amy Butler August Fields fabric I bought on Etsy last month. The size is perfect to carry deodorant, a large comb, toothpaste and toothbrush, perfume, makeup and folic acid pills. I think I’ll be carrying these pouches in my shop soon.

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